Delivering excellent  Compliance monitoring and Audits

Compliance monitoring & Audits

Part NCC or SPO operators, AOC operators and ATO owners are required to have a management system that includes Compliance Monitoring in accordance with Part.ORO.GEN.200 or Part ORA.GEN.200 as applicable.

Most Part NCC or SPO AOC owners and ATO operators would rather spend their time flying aircraft and most do not like to get bogged down with paperwork and record-keeping. Aviatica Consulting currently looks after the compliance for a number of its clients allowing them to focus on the day-to-day running of their businesses. We have noticed that a large percentage of our clients are very willing to get things right but they lack knowledge when it comes to compliance, effective auditing and safety management.


We offer guidance and support to help implement a healthy management system whilst we carry out the necessary audits.

To date, we have managed to turn a number of businesses around who, during previous CAA audits, had not done well with many serious level 2 findings. We affect changes in your company that result in a better management system, better use of resources and an improvement in compliance. Most of our long term clients pass CAA audits with no findings and on rare occasions minor observations.

We can carry out all periodic audits as scheduled throughout the year and we can carry out the annual external audit. That way, you can ensure you comply with the regulations and you will have a management system that works.

We also provide pre-CAA audits to provide your organisation with an overview of likely CAA findings. We will follow this up with a remedial action plan to ensure all findings are dealt with before the CAA turn up. We suggest carrying out such an audit as soon as the CAA provides a date which will allow some time to rectify any non-conformances.

We can work as your Compliance Manager, external auditor or both by charging on an hourly basis, daily rate or a pre-agreed annual fee.

Providing excellent Compliance monitoring and Audits