Delivering CRM courses for aviation professionals

CRM / TRM Courses

Our CRM / TRM courses are designed to provide participants with a foundation knowledge of skills commonly used by highly skilled flight crew all over the world.

CRM stands for Crew Resource Management, a term used in the aviation industry to describe the skills used by pilots and cabin crew to enhance flight safety.

TRM stands for Team Resource Management, a term used in other industries to describe the non-technical skills used by members of a multi-disciplinary team.

CRM courses for aviation professionals are designed in accordance with the EASA Part ORO.FC.115 regulations. All pilots must do a CRM refresher course annually and this is something that was introduced more than 25 years ago. As a result, mortality rates in aviation are much lower when compared with industries where this training is not mandated.

TRM courses are designed for multi-disciplinary teams who together must ensure a safe outcome. For example, a surgical team consists of a number of specialists, but TRM is still not an integral part of daily routines like it is in aviation. Our courses are workshops where attendees are taught the nine main skills required for a team to function to the best of its ability. These none-technical skills are:


  • Briefing & Planning

  • Communication

  • Leadership & Teamwork

  • Situation Awareness

  • Workload Management

  • Decision Making

  • Professional Style

  • Equipment Handling

  • Applied Knowledge

To date, we have presented courses to office staff in major corporations and NHS surgical teams.

Delivering TRM courses for multi-disciplinary teams