Evers Consulting rebrands to Aviatica Group

After 16 years Evers Consulting, based in Cambridge, UK, has rebranded to Aviatica Group owing to increased demand in their varied operations of aviation consultancy services, flight training ATO (approved training organisation) and Team Resource Management training (TRM). Aviatica Group continues the reputation of being the leading global experts in aviation.

“Despite the challenges in our current climate this is an exciting time for the Aviatica team” says Mark Evers, Founder and CEO. “Our company has grown to such a size with so many aviation services and different projects that this was an eagerly anticipated restructure and rebrand to best serve all of our current and future clients.” - Evers has brought in the knowledge, expertise and skills of industry veterans like Nigel Orme and Mark Smyth to bolster the board of directors.

Evers Consulting was known for its safety, compliance and technical manual writing services and Varsity Aviation for type ratings and base training as part of the ATO. Team resource management (TRM) training was added several years previously by Mark Smyth who has successfully expanded the Aviatica Group Companies outside of just the aviation industry and into the healthcare/medical field, also delivering training to the Oil & Gas, Rail and Military sectors.

In addition, Aviatica Group is working on several future partnerships (with Stratstep Group) and initiatives that potentially include PPL (Private Pilot License) training and their own business aviation AOC (Airline Operators Certificate). As experts in working with regulatory bodies, Aviatica Group is taking the lead on Brexit and the UK CAA departure from EASA, with a specialised team assigned to working with clients on all changes to come over the next year.

The new Aviatica Group website was designed by Colossal Motion which also forms part of the partnership between Aviatica Group and Stratstep Consulting.

“The depth and breadth of Aviatica Groups services have a reputation for expertise, punctuality and quality” says Nigel Orme, one of the Group Company Directors. “We will now have the ability to offer a full complement of products and services, allowing our clients to have continued comfort and confidence that their business and training needs are in our safe hands, which is the best our industry has to offer.”

Aviatica Group looks forward to making several key strategic announcements in the coming months.