Providing unrivalled Project Management Training

Project Management Training

We have been in business since 2003. In that time, we have seen a multitude of different businesses who relied on project managers to deliver projects on time. In reality, a very small percentage of these managers had any formal training in this skill. As a result, projects overran, penalties were imposed and reputation was damaged.

Aviatica Consulting, our sister company has assisted a large amount of businesses to bring projects back on track or to plan projects accurately in the first place. We noticed a real need for good project planning training. This is where Aviatica TRM has a lot of expertise. Our project management workshops will teach managers the following skills:


  • How to produce an executive summary for the project

  • Defining the project objective

  • Defining project requirements

  • Defining the exact scope

  • Outline the key deliverables

  • Produce a project schedule

  • Produce a project budget with resource allocation

Unrivalled Aviation Project Management Training

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