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The Aviatica Group of companies focuses on delivering the right solutions for you and your business. Some of our services are intangible, as in many cases we sell ideas, knowledge and expertise. It can be difficult for people to buy what they can’t see, but our clients  know they are buying a promise of satisfaction and we pride ourselves on expertise, punctuality and quality. In addition, our consultancy company is ISO9001 certified.

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Aviatica Consulting Ltd, formerly Evers Consulting Ltd, began in 2003. With extensive airline and corporate experience on a range of aircraft, as well as small turbo-props and executive jets, one of the business's early successes was the appointment to His Grace the 11th Duke of Beaufort shortly after the company was formed. We provide services to individuals and businesses across the world.

Our clientele consists of 40% repeat business, 40% word-of-mouth and 20% are new enquiries through our website. The fact that 80% of our work is generated by existing customers is testament to the quality of work we deliver.

Offering extensive airline and corporate experience
Outstanding feedback from Aviation Businesses

The addition of the Integrated ATPL and Airbus A320 Type Rating Courses has made a huge difference to our business as a whole.  Thank you also for visiting us here in Ljubljana and helping us implement the courses.  Your assistance was invaluable.  It is nice to see a business giving value for money.  Other businesses quoted twice as much!

Exceptional feedback from Aviation Businesses

Thank you for writing an excellent airline business plan and for putting us in touch with a number of investors. We are now in the final stages of due diligence and we look forward to working with you during the AOC start up phase!

Impressive feedback from Aviation Businesses

I have been an examiner on the Turbo-Commander for many years. The new EASA legislation required me to have an ATO to carry out initial type training for the Rockwell MET. You have done an excellent job in getting this ATO up-and-running. Thank you!

provideing impartial services for Aviation clients



Our mission is to provide impartial services for our clients that add value to their business or personal lives. We aim to deliver the best service money can buy at affordable prices, using the latest communication technologies and methods to keep our clients up-to-date with progress.


Our philosophy is to build a lasting relationship with our clients and help them to achieve their goals in accordance with a mutually agreed game plan.

Our staff are qualified type-rating examiners, flight examiners, auditors, recruitment specialists and airline consultants. We can advise you on flight operations, ground operations, training, maintenance, safety and compliance management, cabin safety and cabin services. Our consultants are familiar with regulations and jurisdictions around the world.

No matter what you need, whether you are in need of an aircraft, are looking to set up a charter company, or, just need some excellent, completely impartial advice, do what all of our satisfied clients do: contact us to see how we can help you!