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Our CRM and TRM courses provide participants with a foundation knowledge of the skills used by highly skilled flight crew. What is CRM? Crew Resource Management (CRM) is a term used in the aviation industry to describe the skills used by pilots and cabin crew to enhance flight safety. CRM courses for aviation professionals are designed in accordance with the EASA Part-ORO.FC.115 regulations. All pilots must do a CRM refresher course annually.

Since this requirement was introduced over 25 years ago, mortality rates in aviation have been much lower when compared with industries where this type of training is not mandatory.

What is TRM? Team Resource Management (TRM) is a term used in industries outside of aviation to describe the non-technical skills used by members of team.

Our TRM courses are designed for multi-disciplinary teams who must work together to ensure a safe outcome. For example, a surgical team consists of a number of specialists, but TRM is still not an integral part of daily routines like it is in aviation. Our courses are workshops in which attendees are taught the nine main skills required for a team to function to the best of its ability.

These non-technical skills are:

  • Briefing and planning

  • Communication

  • Leadership and teamwork

  • Situation awareness

  • Workload management

  • Decision making

  • Professional style

  • Equipment handling

  • Applied knowledge

We have presented courses to office staff in major corporations and NHS surgical teams.


All businesses need to ensure employees and clients are kept safe. In aviation, there are very clearly defined rules and regulations regarding safety management. EASA Part-ORO.GEN.200 (CAT, NCC and SPO) and Part-ORA.GEN.200 (ATOs) provide clear guidance on what an aviation company must implement and maintain as a safety management system.

Normally, safety management includes:

Staff training - Change management - Risk assessment - Risk register Occurrence reporting - Feedback systems - Non-jeopardy and just-culture principles - Periodic safety meetings - Emergency response planning.


This list is not exhaustive and there are a number of other safety initiatives that can be introduced. Aviatica TRM has a team of senior safety management consultants who can train your staff in this area of expertise. Our instructors are CAA-approved Form 4 post-holders in safety management. Our courses are interactive and focused on the implementation and the day-to-day running of a safety system. This training is not just applicable to aviation, it will apply to any industry, Please contact us to see how we can enhance your safety management system

Non-Technical Skills Training

Safety Management Training

Compliance Monitoring Training

Aviation Auditor Qualification

EASA Regulations Course

Nominated Person Course

Project Management Training

Employee Engagement Workshops



Aviatica TRM specialises in Non-technical skills training designed for a number of different industries. Our courses cater to high-risk environments where teamwork is the most important ingredient for success.

We cover the following industries:

- Healthcare (including NHS)

- Oil platforms

- Emergency Services

- Aviation

- Military




We have been in business since 2003. In that time, we have encountered a vast number of businesses who relied on project managers to deliver projects on time, but only a very small percentage of those managers had any formal project management training. Consequently projects overran, penalties were imposed and the company’s reputation was damaged.

Aviatica has a lot of expertise in TRM. Our project management workshops teach the following skills:

- Producing an executive summary for the project

- Defining the project objective

- Defining project requirements

- Defining the exact scope

- Outlining the key deliverables

- Producing a project schedule

- Producing a project budget with resource allocation



Aviatica employs a number of consultants with extensive experience as ‘Form 4’ post holders.  With more than 20 years experience in the industry, our consultants can provide training tailored to the size and scope of your operation.

To date we have trained people for the nominated posts of:


  • Accountable Manager

  • Flight Operations

  • Training

  • Ground Operations

  • Continuous Airworthiness

  • Safety Manager

  • Compliance Manager


  • Head of Training

  • Chief Flying Instructor

  • Safety Manager

  • Compliance Manager

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