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Airport Development

Airport Infrastructure Consulting

Airport Capacity Optimisation

At Aviatica Group we have worked on a number of airport development projects in different parts of the world.  As part of this we undertook reviews of traffic capacity, runway length and bearing requirements, approach facility requirements, Airport terminal layout, cargo facility requirements, environmental impact studies and general Airport Development Feasibility Studies.  




Whether you are looking for pilots or company executives, our recruitment specialists can find the right candidates for the position. We work closely with our clients to build enduring relationships and better understand your recruitment needs.

We provide support to both companies and candidates in all areas of recruitment, training, evaluation, etc. 

Salary Negotiation

CV Writing

Interview Technique

Airport Capacity Review

The requirement to expand an airport is often driven by insufficient capacity.  In many cases, the airport management will want to achieve a desired capacity, but this may or may not be possible depending on what is achievable with the space available.  As part of the capacity study, we analyse space available for aircraft parking and the ability of the airport to turn aircraft around.


Our sister company Leg Air Limited is looking for:

  • Captain Rockwell MET - Twin Turbo-Commander

  • Ground Operations Officer

CV Writing & Interview Training

We run regular courses which will help you improve your CV writing skills and anticipate interview questions. Understanding how interview questions are designed to recruit the right candidates is essential. 

We recruit for:

  • Pilots

  • Cabin crew

  • Managers

  • Aviation executives

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Candidate/Job search


Terminal Development

Terminals are often expanded or updated many times over their lifetime.  



Everything you need to start your Aviation business

If you want to start an airline or air taxi service you need an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) or Air Operator Permit (AOP). We can advise you on all aspects of your application to make sure it’s successful. We’ve helped start-ups all over the world, including the UK, Ireland, Oman, Norway and the Netherlands. If you are looking to set up a charter company operating small piston twins, helicopters or executive jets, we can offer you the expertise to successfully start your venture.


Our AOC application service includes the following:

  • Operating licence and route licence applications

  • Staff recruitment and training

  • Liaison with your aviation authority

  • Aircraft registrations

  • Adding aircraft to the AOC (variations)

  • Document compliance

  • Cost control

  • Airline and route feasibility studies

  • Writing your business and project plans


We have assisted companies in Europe, The Middle-East and the Far-East in getting their FSTD’s qualified and approved.

Our FSTD project planning leaves no stone unturned.  We ensure the application is managed with attention to detail.  Letter A, B and C will be sent on-time. 


The MQTG will be tailored to the company and QTG results will be forwarded to the inspector sticking to strict timelines.  For some types of simulator we have our own pilots to assist you in the Functional and Subjective Testing of the device.


To date we have assisted clients with initial and recurrent qualifications of ATR 72-500, B737NG and A320 Level D FSTDs as well as the ALSIM 42 FNPT II device.

Quality Control

Compliance monitoring was previously referred to in the older versions of aviation regulations as ‘quality control’. Aviation companies must ensure they stay compliant with the regulations and they are checked by the aviation authorities periodically to ensure they remain compliant.

Audit Training


To carry out an audit requires an excellent understanding of the regulations against which you are auditing.

The first part of this course covers the applicable regulations, how these are structured and where to find information. Candidates will also learn how to create an audit from the regulations and how to structure clearly defined and unambiguous audit questions.

The course covers the following topics:

- Developing an audit program

- Applying audit principles - Planning an audit

- Using the correct regulatory requirements

- Implementing corrective action and follow-up

- Closing audits

All our courses are tailored to your specific industry. Our teachers are fully qualified auditors and have more than 10 years' experience in auditing.




We can write the following manuals to assist you with AOCs

- Part A/general basic

- Part B/aircraft operating procedures

- Part C/flight guides

- Part D/crew training manual

- Part E/SEP manual

- Part F/FDPM (Flight Dispatch Manual)

- Part G/Ground handling manual

- Safety management manual

- Compliance/quality manual

- CAME manual

- Approved maintenance programs


- Reliability monitoring programs

- FTL and FRMS manuals and training


- Airbus type ratings and TRI

- BAe 146 and RJ type rating

- BE200 type rating

- Boeing type ratings and TRI

- C525 type rating

- Dash 7 type rating and TRI

- Rockwell MET type rating and TRI course

- Swearingen SA226T type rating and TRI course - TRI(A)

- Type rating theoretical knowledge examination papers

- ATPL(A) integrated and modular

- Banner and sailplane towing rating

- Base training courses for the C510, BE200, CL30/35 and EMB450/550

- Cessna 208 class rating

- CPL(A) and CPL(H) modular

- DHC-6 Twin Otter class rating and CRI course

- EIR, CB-IR and IR(A)

- FI(A) and FI(H) and associated course

- LAPL(A) - MCC(A) - MCCI(A) - MEP and SEP lass rating

- Mountain rating

- Night rating(A) and night rating(H)

- Online theoretical knowledge for the PA46

- Piper PA46 class rating

- PPL(A) and PPL(H)

Aviatica Consulting has a 100% success rate in ATO start-ups and most of our manuals are approved without findings. We have written the following manuals and courses:

Part NCC

A large number of privately owned aircraft are flying around with our Part NCC manuals on board.  We have written Operations Manuals for Eclipse Jets, Citation Jets, Falcons, Global Express’s and BBJ’s.

Part SPO

All Specialised Operators require manuals in accordance with Part SPO.  We have assisted parachute operators and clubs, banner towing companies, target towing companies with Vodochy L39’s, aerial survey and aerial photography operators.

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